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      Source: Time:2018-10-25

    •   Q9:
        How was the initial research and application of basalt fiber? How did it enter the road industry? How was the process of promoting the application and how to look into its future market prospects?
        Origin of basalt fiber:

        Basalt fiber was developed in 1954 by the Moscow Glass and Plastics Research Institute.
        In the 1960s and 1970s, the Ukrainian Ministry of Building Materials Industry established a special research and production joint of thermal insulation materials, the main task is to develop a production line for the production process of basalt fiber and its products.
        The research laboratory of the consortium began to develop and prepare basalt fiber in 1972 and has developed a production process for more than 20 kinds of basalt fiber products.
        In 1985, continuous basalt fiber was successfully developed and industrialized.

        Basalt fiber was first used in the defense industry. One of the famous applications was:  The basalt fiber produced by the Soviet Union was applied for the structural material of the US "Apollo" spacecraft that was first docked with the Soviet Union "Military-19" spacecraft on July 17, 1975. 
        The beginning of development in China:
        Glass fiber cement:

        In 1974, China National Building Material Research Institute carried out research on glass fiber for reinforcing Portland cement (GRC) and proposed the technical route of “double insurance” (named alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced low alkali sulfate cement).
        In the following decades, although many achievements have been made, China''s GRC industry has not really solved its durability problem for a long time. There have been some extremely worrying problems. China''s GRC industry has not really come out a broad and healthy development path.
        Basalt fiber cement:

        With the beginning of mass production of continuous basalt fiber in China, the technical scheme of basalt fiber reinforced Portland cement has been valued by the industry once again. Especially in China, some chemical building materials enterprises that used polypropylene fiber reinforced cement concrete actively used basalt fiber reinforced Portland cement and its concrete.
        Other building reinforcement companies have used basalt fiber sheets instead of carbon fibers for reinforcement and repair of bridges construction and have achieved great results.
        The basalt fiber produced from the silicate-like natural volcanic eruption rock indicates that a revolution in the building materials industry is coming!
        Research shows that basalt fiber has become a high-tech fiber that will change the world''s advanced new material pattern. At present, China is actively promoting the rapid development of basalt fiber and its industry, so as to become the world''s "latecomer" basalt fiber manufacturing power country.
        Market expectation:
        Country: Basalt fiber is one of the four high-tech fibers in China and it is the key product of China''s “13th Five-Year Plan” strategic emerging industry.
        Industry: From the perspective of industry development, China''s composite materials have developed rapidly in recent decades and have a solid foundation for the development and promotion of continuous basalt fiber.
        Resource: From the basic conditions of development, China has a vast territory and basalt deposits are extremely rich in reserves.

        Market: From the perspective of the domestic market, China itself has a huge market for new materials applications.
        Innovation: From the perspective of Chinese enterprises participating in the investment of new materials, they have strong desires and strengths for technological innovation and development.
        Cost: From the perspective of the manufacturing cost of new materials, China has the unique conditions for low-cost with completely independent intellectual property rights to manufacture new technology and new equipment and new technology for the large-scale development of continuous basalt fiber basalt fibers.
        Opportunity: From the perspective of global development level, the technology and scale of basalt fiber in the world are still in its infancy, which provides us with a lot of development space and market opportunities for continuing to develop a high advanced technology.
        Community: In order to comprehensively promoted the application of basalt fiber in the highway transportation industry, accelerated the research on the road performance of basalt fiber and assisted the rapid and high-quality development of basalt fiber industry, The China Highway Society initiated the establishment of a synergistic innovation community.

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