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      The industry, schools, research institutions and users gathered together to improve the engineering application level of basalt fiber

      Source: Time:2018-08-26

    • The academic conference of the China highway and transportation society (CHTS) collaborative innovation community of basalt fiber pavement industry was held in Beijing on August 25, in order to further promote the transformation and application of outstanding scientific and technological achievements in the highway industry, to improve the engineering application level of basalt fiber, and to promote exchanges and cooperation among industry, research institutions and users. 

      You Qingzhong, vice-chairman of CHTS and director of Jiangsu provincial CPPCC Economic Committee; Yang Yusheng, director of Shanxi Provincial Transportation Department; Wang Shuangjie, general manager of CCCC first highway consultants Co.,Ltd and the national highway survey and design master; Yang Huilin, chief engineer of Gansu Provincial Transportation Department and chairman of Gansu provincial highway and transportation society; Wang Guoqing, chairman of the board of Hebei Transportation Investment Group Corporation; Ali Simayi, director of Highway Administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Chen Yanjun, deputy general manager of Longjian Road and Bridge Company Limited; Duan Haipeng, vice chief engineer of Anhui Transportation Holding Group Co.,Ltd, and others were specially invited to attend the meeting. 

      Also present at the meeting were council representatives such as Hou Jinlong, chairman of the community, representatives of expert Committee such as Wu Zhishen, representatives of the Secretariat, such as secretary-gneral Hu Huijuan, and representatives of outstanding production enterprises.

      At the beginning of the meeting, Yan Huijuan introduced the community from planning and formation to establishing development goals, guidelines, missions and visions with the "Four First" concept, and put forward that there were experts from universities and scientific research institutions engaged in basalt fiber research, representatives of large-scale design units, representatives of large-scale construction enterprises, as well as very influential managers in the highway transportation industry and outstanding backbone production enterprises of basalt fibers. It is a real “industry, schools, research institutions and users” gathered together in mutual communication, which will certainly help to carry out the application of basalt fibers in highway transportation.

       Professor wu zhishen from southeast university systematically introduced the development background, high-performance technology of basalt fiber and its composite materials and broad application prospects in transportation infrastructure

      Through the technical introduction, the guests had a further understanding of basalt fiber, and expressed keen interest. In the interactive communication section of the meeting, all parties involved in communication and discussion on the production technology, resource support, application standards, application technology, application cases, application status, application bottlenecks and application prospects of basalt fiber. All agreed that basalt fiber materials have excellent road performance and optimistic about its development prospects. It is expected that the community will strengthen the promotion and demonstration of basalt fiber and get into the highway transportation field as soon as possible to effectively solve practical engineering problems.

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