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      Chen Yijun, secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of CPC and his group visited our company

      Source: Time:2018-07-05

    • On 2nd July 2018, Chen Yijun, the secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of CPC and the Taizhou delegation, accompanied by leaders of Tonghua city, such as Wang Zhihou, secretary of the Tonghua Municipal Committee of CPC, etc. to visit our company. Secretary Chen and the delegation visited the production workshop and product showroom, and our company’s general manager Mr.Jiang Ming introduced specifically the basalt fiber drawing process and the present status of development of composite products.


      Secretary Chen gave full affirmation to the excellent property of basalt fiber products and its broad application prospect, as well, he said that he will support the collaboration with Taizhou companies to jointly develop basalt fiber lightweight products

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