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      Basalt Fiber Technology Exchange Meeting in Dongfeng Group

      Source: Time:2018-02-12

    • Basalt Fiber Technology Exchange Meeting in Dongfeng Group

      Tongxin together with our partners Technische Universit?t Chemnitz,Cetex Institute, IABG, Profol Kunststoffe GmbH attended the Basalt Fiber Technology Exchange Meeting held in Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technical Center(hereinafter referred as Technical Center) on Jan.9th 2018.
      The meeting was presided over by Mr.Song Jingliang, deputy director of Technical Center. Mr.Tan Minqiang, director and Deputy party secretary of Technical Center, secretary of the party committee and vice general manger of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, and the relevant principals from technology engineering department of DFM and Dongfeng Industrial (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd attended the meeting.
      Presentations on the research of basalt fiber in automotive lightweighting were made respectively by Mr.Jiang Ming, general manager of Tongxin; Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E. h. Prof Lothar Josef Kroll from TU Chemnitz; Mr. Mirko Jacob from Cetex Institute; Mr. Oliver Rüsseler , product manager of Profol; Mr. Marc David Stern , vice president sales of IABG; Mr. Li Mingheng, director of material technology department of Technical Center; and Mr. Xu Wei, division chief of technology engineering department of Dongfeng.
      The participants at the meeting reviewed the fiber lightweight auto parts developed and produced by our company, and discussed the development prospect of basalt fiber in the lightweight of automobiles. Dongfeng hopes to have further technical exchanges to seek good opportunities for basalt fiber composite materials in lightweight design and manufacturing.

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