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      Jilin Tongxin and Cetex Institute participated in China Composites Expo 2017

      Source: Time:2017-09-09

    • From 6th - 8th Sep. 2017, Jilin Tongxin Technology Co.,Ltd and Cetex Institution for Textile and Processing Machines jointly took part in China Composites Expo 2017 in Shanghai. The basalt fiber and basalt fiber composite material, auto parts etc. were displayed and received wide attention from domestic and foreign visitors. Visitors came in an endless stream while hundreds of them expressed intent to cooperate. Mr.Li Changhong, chairman of the board, was interviewed by CCTV at the scene, he answered questions and told the journalist that he is optimistic in the prospect of application and development of basalt fiber and its composite materials in automotive lightweight and rail transit industry, and is confident on the development of enterprises.

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