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    •   Jilin Tongxin Basalt Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with the registered capital of 125 million RMB, has completed an investment of 300 million RMB in Tonghua City, Jilin province,China and the annual production capacity of 12000 tons of basalt continuous fiber.TXKJ is a company specialized in the research&development, manufacture, marketing and technical consultation of continuous basalt fiber.We can provide customers with basalt roving, composite reinforcement, chopped yarn, geotextile, basalt fiber cloth lightweight automotive components and other related basalt composite products.In Aug.2016,the company passed ISO/TS16949 international quality management system certification.TXKJ became the only one through the ISO/TS16949 system certification enterprises in basalt fiber industry .Our company produced basalt fiber composite reinforcement and chopped yarn was listed as the promotion of Jilin Provincial Communications Department project.We received very good results in road and bridge construction applications in Jilin Province.
        The basalt roving produced by Jilin Tongxin Technology Co.,Ltd  was tested by ” the German authority of the fiber testing institutions "Isaacson Textile Science Institute (STFI)", which including linear density, break strength, filament diameter and other 8 items.The results showed that the various index and the products made by Jilin Tongxin Technology Co.,Ltd are in a leading level in the same industry of the world. STFI had issued a certificate of inspection to the company.(The results are documented in the test report:2016 1277.2). TXKJ’s 12000 tons of production capacity, excellent product performance, continuous quality stability were approved and praised by the using institution of research&development of fiber and composite materials in Germany. In June 13, 2016,during the eighth Sino German economic and technical cooperation forum, German Chancellor Angela Merkel''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s visited China, TXKJ and German partners signed a cooperation agreement under the witness of the two leaders of China and Germany at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.We will work in the promotion and the usage of basalt fiber in-depth cooperation.Germany Chemnitz University of science&technology and CETEX Research Institute are the German authority of the fiber and composite materials R & D institutions. In September 2016,they signed a technical cooperation agreement with TXKJ, combined with the R&D of basalt fiber based on the reinforced fiber composite system , lightweight structure , corresponding production and application technology.
        The automotive, rail passenger light weight materials and components will be the direction of the TXKJ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s development.TXKJ establishment of basalt fiber composite materials R&D center in Changchun,the capital of Jilin province.Relying on FAW and CRRC Changchun railway vehicles Co.Ltd, joint Jilin University, Chemnitz University of science and technology of Germany and CETEX Research Institute jointly developed the application of basalt fiber composite material in the field of automotive and rail passenger car field which achieved remarkable results and the formation of the company''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s unique competitive products.
        A deep love for his regular duties,taking work as most important part of his career is what TXKJ expects to every employee.Hard work with pioneering spirit, good at struggling and devotion is the distinctive character of TXKJ.Develop with the development of TXKJ should be the personal value of each employee of TXKJ. TXKJ takes care of the environmental protection, focuses on the innovation and cooperates with the global friends to build the brighter future.We will become a star of Tonghua.
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